System Highlights

  • System controlled by a reliable non-proprietary Allen Bradley Controllogix PLC.
  • Easy access to system status and parameters with Allen Bradley Panelview Plus
  • NO Black Box controllers or proprietary software.
  • NO maintenance required on the stack.
  • Open System using OPC, Modbus, DF1, DH+, PI client, Ethernet/IP.
  • CFR Part 60 and 75 compliant.
  • All flows and temperatures controlled by PLC. No isolated single loop controllers.
  • Operates with full functionality without PC or DAHS connected. Buffers at least 10 days of data & calibrations.
  • Data and Calibrations automatically sync with database when DAHS connection re-established.
  • Preemptive alarms help to detect problems before calibrations.

Data Acquisition and Reporting Software

  • ACS offers a Web Server (™) and a workstation version (CemMaster PC™) of DAHS software. allows access to reports, alarms, system graphics and parameters using a web browser without having to install any client software. Advanced technology is used to update web pages with instantaneous data without having to refresh the page. The workstation version is used when only local access to the DAS is needed.

ACS Model 600 CEM System

  • Our CEMS are ideal for applications where uptime requirements are 95% or greater for monitoring TRS, O2, NOx, SO2, CO, CO2 and Opacity. Our sample transport system uses a unique PassiveProbe™ design which eliminates all electronics and moving parts on the stack. The PassiveProbe™ makes climbing the stack to perform maintenance a thing of the past. The entire system is controlled and monitored by an extremely reliable Allen Bradley Controllogix PLC system and Panelview Plus. All temperatures, flows, and valves are controlled and monitored by the PLC. The PLC also provides an open architecture for DCS and mill-wide information network access via OPC, modbus, and DH+.