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Continuous Emissions Monitoring

Our one of a kind Passive Probe™

ACS has combined many years of experience to bring the industry the most reliable and maintenance free CEM systems on the market today. Our one of a kind Passive Probe™ makes on-stack maintenance a thing of the past. We customize our systems to reach maximum potential uptime while maintaining data accuracy and full compliance.

Our CEMS are ideal for applications where uptime requirements are 95% or greater for monitoring TRS, O2, NOx, SO2, CO, CO2 and Opacity. Our sample transport system uses a unique PassiveProbe™ design which eliminates all electronics and moving parts on the stack. The PassiveProbe™ makes climbing the stack to perform maintenance a thing of the past. The entire system is controlled and monitored by an extremely reliable Allen Bradley Controllogix PLC system and Panelview Plus. All temperatures, flow, and valves are controlled and monitored by the PLC. The PLC also provides an open architecture for DCS and mill-wide information network access via OPC, modbus, and DH+.

Redundant CEMS for decreased Downtime

ACS also provides a one of a kind redundant CEMS that allows process control to have accurate data uninterrupted by calibrations, purges, and holds. Our redundant CEMS also eliminates downtime for preventative maintenance and calibration failures. Forget spending long hours troubleshooting your CEMS to minimize downtime. With a redundant system, you’ll continue to gather compliant and accurate data while a solution is found.


All the parts and service when you need it

We stock everything you’ll need to keep your CEMS in the best possible condition. This removes the hassle of searching for competent third party vendors. We take pride in going above and beyond to get you the parts you need. If overnight shipping times are too slow, we’ll bring it to you ourselves.

At ACS, we go beyond manufacturing the highest quality emission monitoring systems. That’s why we provide 24-hour service to support our products. Whether you require assistance on-site, by remote VPN, or by phone, we will always be available to help.