24/7 On-site and remote Support

We go beyond manufacturing the highest quality emission monitoring systems. That’s why we provide 24-hour service to support our products. Whether you require assistance on-site, software support by remote VPN, or assistance by phone, we will always be available to help. ACS has been in the environmental monitoring industry for over thirty years, so we understand that issues related to environmental equipment are time sensitive. Maximizing monitor uptime is our goal and we strive to have the fastest response time in the industry and always provide all the necessary support services. We will help you to maintain the data accuracy and uptime required for process control applications and compliance with federal, state, and local regulations and our 24/7 rapid response team is always available for on-site or remote support.

Scheduled Service

ACS provides monthly, quarterly, and annual scheduled service to keep your CEMS and COMS in top performing condition. Scheduled service can be customized to include:

• Monthly, quarterly, and annual preventative maintenance

• Calibration gas audits

• Linearity testing

• Opacity clear path zero alignment

• Opacity filter audits

• Opacity certification

• Opacity filter certification

• RATA support

Calibration Gas Services

ACS can manage all of your reference gas requirements ensuring you have the correct calibration gases to suit your equipment and to comply with all regulations. We will make sure you never run out of any required gases, always have bottles on order in time, and always have required gases in stock.

Parts and Repairs

ACS can repair and service your environmental monitoring equipment, gas analyzers, and Opacity Monitors. Below are some of models we repair regularly, however, if there are other models and equipment in need of repairs ACS will always look at the issue and attempt to assist you. 


  •  LAND Mark III Opacity Units
  • Monitor Labs Lighthawk Opacity Units
  • Teledyne T100 and 100E SO2 Gas Analyzers
  • Teledyne T200 and 200E NOx Gas Analyzers
  • Teledyne T300 and 300E CO Gas Analyzers

ACS Cloud services

ACS offers a completely secure remote cloud service, that is isolated from all other customer networks and allows for both a wide array of enhancements to ACS’s remote support and the benefits of instantaneous notifications to mill personnel through email or SMS.

  • Downtime Prevention – instantaneous SMS/Email notifications of CEMS events or Part Failures
  • Daily Environmental email summarizing Calibration results, Compliance Averages, Cumulative Quarterly Downtime
  • Exceedance Prevention – instant notification of high CEM/COMS values and additional support to ensure compliance.
  • Enhanced Support – remote analyzer support, system parameter adjustment, and  calibrations.