ACS offers a robust suite of DAS software that has been refined for over 25 years. Our software can support local (ACSDas) and intranet(CEMMasterNET) installations, which can be run directly from any web browser on the intranet. All DAS screens and reports are fully customizable to suit the end user’s needs. Our systems can run up to 30 days completely disconnected from the DAS server (due to network loss, updates, server issues, etc.) and not lose any data or incur any downtime. All data during disconnect will backfill once communication is reestablished. 

We have an experienced team to assist you around the clock with any reporting, data, or software requests, and we do not outsource any of our customer support. 

In addition to CEMS and COMS our software also can also support the handling and reporting of any mill parameters that need to be recorded and reported (Differential Pressure, Scrubber Flow, Fuels, Fan Amps, etc.)  You name it, we can log it and report it. Our software can be integrated to accommodate any vendor’s CEMS hardware. ACS also offers completely secure cloud services detailed here.